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f3a? hello zyga: It's just a greeting. See all the logs to figure out what's going on. There's nothing urgent or unusual about your logs in any of the channels. Am I allowed to use a tiling window manager? yes, not urgent can you run `pstree -pc` and tell me what is what? Alrighty, then. Nothing of note in pstree. Go figure, there's still a zombie running. hmm, that's odd, did you get a message from systemd? I'd say that if all went well the systems should never go into zombie state zyga: Ah, I had to kill systemd-shim or something like that in the processes I was grepping. zyga: Gotcha. Hm, I don't suppose any of the locations for my config files are intact, is there a way I can get a dump of a working Ubuntu to see what I might be missing? I've seen people with issues like that, it's some stuff in /usr/bin/dbus and dbus startup that can get broken maybe mvo could help you mvo: welcome back :-) DalekSec: did you get the spread updates? hey mvo I didn't. I'm a bit concerned about missing config files, and if there's a way to get a dump of a working Ubuntu, I'm assuming that'd be helpful, but I'll have to do that offline first. ..later. that's not so much data just that the files are in a good location hey zyga and that you can boot it and fix the broken dbus stuff mvo: may I pester you for a bit? zyga: sure




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Spaceclaim 2012 Serial Number [2022-Latest]
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